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September 16th – November 5th, 2022


7040 Murfreesboro Road • Lebanon, TN
Dead Land Scream Park

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Dead Land Scream Park


Now with THREE Attractions!


New SCARES & New HORRORS - Redesigned for 2016!


Open 7PM to 12 Midnight • Fridays & Saturdays
2022 Schedule: September 16th - November 5th

The Crypt

The Crypt


The Crypt

Remember the Curse?

We thought all the townspeople were resting in peace so we moved all the bodies to the crypt.

Little did we know that the curse is still alive and Hershel Walker, the Butcher, (insert some characters here) and all your favorite walking dead are are still walking inside the Crypt.

You never know what might come out of the Portal at DeadLand, or what it might decide to drop there on its nightly circuit through time and space. Still, the DeadLand crew was surprised when they arrived at the site one morning and discovered, where the Maze had previously stood, a Gothic-looking crypt that had never been there before. Letters etched into the stone read “Cauldwell.” Of course, we immediately brought in our crack team of paranormal investigators, whose equipment registered off the charts. This crypt was a hotbed of supernatural activity!*

Old documents and the ravings of a mad caretaker revealed the dark tale behind the crypt’s appearance. It began in 1900, at the turn of a new century, when legendary beauty Katherine Cauldwell looked into the mirror and noticed the first signs of crow’s feet around her eyes. Horrified, she began to seek a solution. Creams, lotions, special elixirs…nothing worked.

tombstones-455607__340Katherine was a cruel woman who loved only one other human being, her handsome and charming husband, Xavier. Xavier was a gentle man whose forgiving spirit brought out the best in Katherine. But as she watched her youth and beauty begin to fade, she realized that her husband’s righteous path would lead her only to ruin. She would become a wizened old crone, her exceptional beauty forgotten. In desperation, she began to dabble in the dark arts, where she was drawn deeper and deeper into a web of evil knowledge.

In a dusty tome, she discovered a spell that promised everlasting life. It demanded a terrible price–her husband’s life. She didn’t think twice. Much as Katherine loved Xavier, she loved herself more. She did the deed  in the dark of night and hurried to the mirror to see her transformation.

There was none. The dark spirits to whom she had sacrificed her love had promised everlasting life–neither eternal youth nor immortality, but life after death. Katherine continued to age, growing more and more bitter as the years passed. Fate’s cruel joke, she became the crone she had murdered her husband to avoid.

And then she died.

Three days after her interment in the crypt, she returned as a vengeful spirit, full of toxic hate. That hate
spread through the entire crypt, bringing back  all those within, including a suicide,halloween-1016189__340 a mother mourning her lost child, and “Klein,” a military ghost doomed to relive his own death. Perhaps Xavier’s forgiveness could save her, but he alone has not returned. Perhaps that dark ritual destroyed him utterly, body and soul, or perhaps he has moved on into the light, while Katherine and the rest of the Cauldwell dead are left behind to terrorize the living.

In the interest of science and the public’s “right to know,” the DeadLand team decided to open the Cauldwell crypt to visitors. Now you can experience the perils of the Crypt, in addition to the Curse and the Portal.

Enter if you dare.

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