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Dead Land SCREAM Park - 3 Attractions!


7040 Murfreesboro Road • Lebanon, TN
Dead Land Scream Park

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Dead Land SCREAM Park


Now with THREE Attractions!


New SCARES & New HORRORS - Redesigned for 2016!


Open 7PM to 12 Midnight • Fridays & Saturdays
2020 Schedule: September 18th - October 31st

Sponsor Spotlight – Locked: Escape Game Murfreesboro

Sponsor Spotlight – Locked: Escape Game Murfreesboro

sponsor_grid_murfreesborolockedNow that the haunt season is over, you may be wondering what to do with yourself for entertainment. If you checked out our FreakOut escape games this year, you might have acquired a taste for puzzle games. Last time, we told you about Murfreesboro Escape Rooms . This week, our spotlight is on Locked: Escape Game Murfreesboro.

Escape games are great for families, gamers, friends, and co-workers. What better way to promote bonding and collaboration than an immersive game that that challenges our wits and takes place in real time? Employers are even discovering that these interactive puzzle games make effective team-building exercises, phim hentai.

An escape game can liven up a birthday or an anniversary, or it padlock-597495__340might be a fun alternative on date night. I mean, dinner and a movie are great, but don’t you sometimes want to mix things up a bit? If you have a large group, they can block out a time for you and even provide an area for presents and refreshments. And can you imagine proposing to the love of your life during a Sherlock Holmes scenario or an adventure in an Egyptian tomb? Whatever your special occasion, the team at Locked: Escape Game Murfreesboro can help you make it a time to remember. Just email them at

So how does it work? Each scenario involves working together in a small group (2-10) players to escape the scenario or complete the given task in less than 60 minutes. The door will be locked, but you can leave at any time during the challenge (the clock will continue to run). An exit button at each door ensures your safety.

bakerAs of this posting, they have two different scenarios to choose from. The first is the Baker Street Mystery. This challenge takes place in Victorian London and requires players to solve a murder mystery and dismantle a gang called the Baker Street Five. Visit

The second, Egyptian Tomb Escape, casts the pegyptlayers as a team of archaeologists exploring a newly discovered Egyptian tomb. You have an hour to find the inner tomb, discover the identity of the Pharaoh buried there, and make your escape before falling victim to the Pharaoh’s curse!

So, “Where is this magical place?” you ask. It’s located at 115 Mall Circle, Murfreesboro, TN

  • Near the Stones river mall.
  • Across from IHOP and Starbucks.
  • Next to AT&T and Visionworks.

For more information, check out the FAQs on their site.

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