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Dead Land SCREAM Park - 3 Attractions!


7040 Murfreesboro Road • Lebanon, TN
Dead Land Scream Park

Site Name

Dead Land SCREAM Park


Now with THREE Attractions!


New SCARES & New HORRORS - Redesigned for 2016!


Open 7PM to 12 Midnight • Fridays & Saturdays
2020 Schedule: September 18th - October 31st

News & Updates from Dead Land

Sponsor Spotlight: Shoney’s

Thanks to Shoney’s restaurant in Lebanon for being a DeadLand  food sponsor. Food sponsors provide one or more meals for our entire cast and crew. Take a look at their menu. Shoney’s has been around for a long time. The first one opened in 1947 in Charleston, West Virginia as part of the Big Boy franchise. […]

Sponsor Spotlight: Demos’ Steak & Spaghetti House

DeadLand’s staff and crew would like to thank Demos’ restaurant for being one of our food sponsors. Food sponsors provide dinner for the entire DeadLand staff on one or more nights. According to the Wilson Post, the Lebanon Demos’ opened in 2001, but owner Jim Demos, the son of a Greek immigrant, has been in the restaurant business […]

Scavenger Hunt: Win Free Tickets

DeadLand is launching its inaugural scavenger hunt, giving players a chance to win free tickets to the outdoor scream park. Starting now and running through November 5, players can obtain the designated items from local businesses in Lebanon, TN. Each player who completes all nine tasks and returns all of the required items on either November […]

The Dead Land: Beginnings

Long before the first white man set foot here, the local Indian tribes called this place the dead land. Young children who wandered away from the tribe vanished into the heart of these woods without so much as a footprint, and sometimes, when the moon was full and the corn was ripe and ready to […]

Help a Charity, Get a DeadLand Discount on Opening Weekend

Hi, Haunt Friends! Have you been counting down the days until DeadLand opens again? I know I have. To celebrate the beginning of the season and show our appreciation for the community, we’re launching our 2016 season with a special deal to benefit our guests and two of our favorite charities–the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program […]

DeadLand’s Haunted Crypt

You never know what might come out of the Portal at DeadLand, or what it might decide to drop there on its nightly circuit through time and space. Still, the DeadLand crew was surprised when they arrived at the site one morning and discovered, where the Maze had previously stood, a Gothic-looking crypt that had […]

Haunted Maze Goes Out in a Blaze of Glory

In 2011, the DeadLand scream park came out with its third attraction, the Maze of Screams. The Maze was built using wooden using pallets and was centered on the theme of–what else?–psychotic killer clowns. Imagine the most horrifying “funhouse” you’ve ever heard of, then set it in the middle of a haunted wood, miles from […]

DeadLand’s Dance Team Gives Wilson County Fairgoers a Surreal Performance

In addition to the usual funnel cakes and midway thrill rides, visitors to this year’s Wilson County Fair have a chance to experience a different kind of treat. Make your way to the DeadLand booth, and you can preview two new Escape Room games and watch the launch of their DeadLand Dance Team’s 2016 performance, an original production […]

DeadLand Launches NEW Freak Out Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms, or Puzzle Rooms are the “new big thing,” and why wouldn’t they be? Where else can you test your wits against a variety of fun scenarios designed to challenge your mind?  Now DeadLand is launching Freak Out Escape Games on August 19-27 at the 2016 Wilson County Fair.   For just $5. you can […]

DeadLand Auditions: Actors, Makeup Artists Needed for Middle Tennessee Haunt Attraction

Auditions are being held at DeadLand Haunted Woods on Saturday, August 13 from noon to 3 PM. We’re looking for scare actors and special effects makeup artists. Performances are held each Friday and Saturday beginning in mid-September and running through the first weekend in November. Compensation is provided, but rates vary according to assigned roles. […]

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